Featured Author of the Week 4th June

The Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Writers and Reviewers Group Featured Author of the week: Jessica Keefe, Author of “The Deceiver”.

About this Author
Jessica KeefeAt 21 I wear three hats: mother, wife, and novelist. I spend my days immersed in legos and board books; teaching an 18-month old colors, animal sounds, the alphabet, and how to properly eat popsicles. During nap time I pound out a few hundred words between blogging, marketing, and attempting to pass another level in Candy Crush Saga. My husband isn’t much of a reader, and I’m not sure if he understands how much my debut novel means to me, but he loves me and supports me in his own way. In our spare time we bond over episodes of Duck Dynasty and Hannibal while trying to convince our son that food is for eating, not staining the carpet. My life revolves around these two men, until they go to sleep. Continue reading