Science Fiction

The Guardians

“The Guardians” is a fantasy/science fiction cross genre series, aptly described by Jamie Hall in his review of Path to Vengeance: “Take any fantasy novel and move it forward a few thousand years and this is it.” The series comprises five books, but I hope to add some short stories to the collection in the future.


Path to Vengeance: Book One.

Published: January 2012 as an e-BookBook 1 Path to Vengeance - Cover 16 Front (1600x2560) high res
Second Edition published June 2012
Third Edition published June 2013
Fourth Edition published January 2016
Fourth edition Revised published 2018.
Novel Length: approx 102,000 words, 300 pages.

eBook available from:
SmashwordsKoboBarnes & Noble;
also available at Apple, Baker & Taylor, Gardners, Tolino, Scribd and others.

When his brother, father and fiancée are killed by Krelathan raiders, Grogaan’s life is ripped apart, causing grief, anger and rage. He vows his revenge and sets about on his ‘path to vengeance’ by purchasing four starfighters for him and his friends, which they extensively modify to give them the advantage in battle. As a result of his intense emotional trauma brought on by his losses, he experiences troubling and disturbing dreams, leading to bouts of severe depression.

Feeling guilty over the loss of his loved ones, especially his fiancée, Grogaan avoids romantic involvement until Joeen, his brother’s former fiancée re-enters his life, causing him more emotional turmoil. This is further compounded when he meets Ellarna and falls head over heels for her.

When their ships are finished, Grogaan and his friends prove their piloting skills and spearhead the counter offensive against the Krelathan raiders, but Grogaan continues to struggle over his dilemma about the two women.

A chance meeting with members of a long forgotten sect, ‘The Brotherhood of the Teragon Eagle’, on a nearby planet, together with information revealed to him by his mother, prove Grogaan’s unique abilities are due to his family heritage; an ancestor having been a well-respected wizard and a member of the Guardian Order.

It’s his abilities enhanced by his gift of magic that take him and his friends on a path that impacts on the future of the galaxy as foretold by a two hundred year old prophecy, a path he begins to tread while developing a powerful relationship with one of the two women.


Sorcerer’s Duel: Book Two.

Book 2 Sorcerers Duel - Cover 13 Front (1600x2560) med res

Published: 26th May 2012 as an e-Book
Second Edition published May 2012
Novel Length: approx 113,000 words, 300 pages
eBook available from:

Smashwords; Barnes & Noble; Kobo;

also available at Apple, Baker & Taylor, Gardners, Tolino, Scribd and others.

Having survived the Battle of Mabraant and with no system in the quadrant safe to settle on, Grogaan leads his friends on a new adventure deep into the heart of the

neighbouring Ladorran Quadrant.

After being reunited with his soul-mate, Grogaan and Ellarna meet the famous Guardian Master Sorann Taggash. The Master confirms Grogaan’s adeptness in magic, and although Grogaan already knew Ellarna was also adept in magic, she was surprised when Sorann reveals the fact to her.

Grogaan and Ellarna under the supervision of Sorann, embark on a training programme to become Guardians. Grogaan’s skills develop swiftly but his emotional control due to past trauma and depression hinder his development. They take a short break to undertake a dangerous mission back to Mabraant, where Grogaan and Kopaz Squadron tempt fate to the limits, and deal another painful strike to the Empire.

During a visit to a neighbouring planet, Grogaan discovers a long forgotten underground installation that contains a sinister secret. It is this discovery, together with Grogaan’s powerful emotions, that sets off a chain reaction that has sinister, dire and tragic consequences. This impacts not only on the lives of Grogaan and many other individuals, but also on their progressing relationships.


A Guardian Reborn: Book Three.

Published:March 2013 as an eBookBook 3 A Guardian Reborn - Cover 10 Front (1600x2560) med res
Novel Length: approx 114,000 words, 310 pages

eBook available from:
Smashwords; Barnes & Noble; Kobo;
also available at Apple, Baker & Taylor, Gardners, Tolino, Scribd and others.

Grogaan survives his duel with Empress Hefrask, but almost loses his life in the process. With his life hanging by a thread, Ellarna hides him the cave where their ships are parked, and protects them by magic to prevent being discovered.

While in hiding, Ellarna discovers new gifts in the art of magic, ones greater than are currently known of by Guardian Master Taggash, and revealed to her by some strange creatures indigenous to Cassendra. When Grogaan finally awakes, he breaks some devastating news to his fiancée; he has lost both his memory and his gift in magic.

With Grogaan being hunted by Imperial sorcerers, can he recover physically and mentally, and regain his memory and his magical powers before they catch up with him, and before the Hebradon Empire returns to the Ladorran Quadrant to continue their conquest. During his self-imposed time of solitude, he makes a surprising discovery that has a profound effect on his future and that of the Guardians.


Storm Conjurer: Book Four.

Published: December 2014 as an e-BookBook 4 Storm Conjurer - Cover 02 (1600x2560) med res
Novel Length: approx 108,000 words, 326 pages.

eBook available from:
Smashwords; Barnes & Noble; Kobo;
also available at Apple, Baker & Taylor, Gardners, Tolino, Scribd and others

Entering into a treaty with the Olarans, a race who can block the effects of magic, and the Order of Elora, commanded by Imperial sorcerers who were the most loyal servants of Emperor Belack, Empress Hefrask implements the next phase of her plan for the conquest of the Ladorran Quadrant. The second phase involves confronting and removing the primary threat to her plans: Grogaan and the Guardians of the Republic.

Grogaan’s enhanced abilities in the art of magic, his inner calm and impeccable self-control, are put the ultimate test when one friend is abducted and another killed when confronted by the sorcerers from the Order of Elora and the Hebradon Empire who have united in the fight against the Guardians of the Republic. Facing opposition from several Guardians, Grogaan ventures deep into Imperial controlled space in the search for knowledge of the Guardians, their magic, and why they failed to retain their position of trust and power in the galaxy.


Grand Master: Book Five.

Published: April 2016 as an e-BookBook 5 Grand Master - Cover 03 (1600x2560) med res
Novel Length: approx 128,000 words, 365 pages.

eBook available from:
Smashwords; Barnes & Noble; Kobo;
also available at Apple, Baker & Taylor, Gardners, Tolino, Scribd and others.

The search for Sorann takes Grogaan and Ellarna on a journey across the galaxy, one not only of great distance, but one of self-discovery, of personal and spiritual enlightenment. The events and trials Grogaan faces during this time, tests his inner calm, his self-control and his adeptness in magic to the limit.

Grogaan and Ellarna face a race against time; They must locate and rescue Sorann from the clutches of the Vadashine, discover the meaning and set in motion the events that will ‘heal the blood of times long passed’ and return to the Gaashox quadrant in time to face the coming ‘Swarm’, an event on which the fate of the galaxy rests.


The Bakarian Rebellion

Published: February 2018 as an e-Book  The Bakarian Rebellion - Cover 01 Front (1600x2560) med res
Novel Length: approx 153,000 words, 339 pages.

Book available from:
Smashwords; Barnes & Noble; Kobo;
also available at Apple, Baker & Taylor, Gardners, Tolino, Scribd and others.

Both Dave Jackson and Michael Allen, two of the best fighter pilots in the Confederation, are hiding a secret that is directly affecting the war against the Rebellion.

Both pilots are living a lie, behaving in a way that is contrary to their beliefs and loyalty. Dave acts in an arrogant, rebellious, and insubordinate manner, a means to fulfilling his duty: His secret. Michael acts the loyal citizen, aiming to succeed, gain promotion and a good reputation in Confed, but what is his secret.

Dave is suffering psychological stress far more than his friend for two reasons: He knows his friend’s secret, which is tearing him apart, because he views it as a betrayal of their friendship. His ‘acting’ is preventing him from being who he really needs to be, but what really lies behind his behaviour. Will Dave buckle under the pressure when events take a turn for the worst, or will he fulfil what is expected of him when his loyalty is put to the ultimate test?


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