Readers’ Reviews

A Selection of Readers’ Reviews

Path to Vengeance

Very well written and entertaining. A wonderfully long read that I did NOT want to put down. On to book 2 for me. – MLS
This book will draw you into the series. Grogaan starts on his Path to Vengeance
The characters are well developed. The story is entertaining and with many subplots though I found the pace slowed with the development of the Imperial sisters and the constant battles. Since this book is the first in a series of five books, it introduces many of the themes and characters that will be developed in future books. The first book is self-contained and does not end with a cliff-hanger.

Sorcerer’s Duel

Just as exciting and enjoyable as the first book. Great characters that I really cared about. A roller coaster ride of action and emotions. So I am off to book 3. – MLS

A Guardian Reborn

Another totally enjoyable read. Great action from begining to end. Really love the magical aspects combined with the starfighter battles. I am hooked on these books. So going straight to book four right now! – MLS

Storm Conjurer

The Guardians take center stage in this installment. Many planets are visited and some former members of the Evil Empire see the error of their ways and join up with the Republicans. I especially liked the discovery of the non human sentient beings, both good and bad. Off to the final book. – MLS