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Books One, Two and Three in my science fiction/fantasy series, The Guardians, and my short story, Lady Arabella, are available free from Smashwords and other retailers, except Amazon.



The Guardians Book 4; Imperial Assault

A brief update on the position of Imperial Assault

The release of Imperial Assault is getting closer, but I’m afraid it will still require a few more months work before it is ready. Due to personal and family responsibilities in 2013, starting work on the revision and editing of this volume was delayed until this year.

Books four and five, Wizard’s tempest, have had the least amount of work and were only the second drafts. As a result, I am finding many areas require complete re-writing to bring the story in line with changes made to books 1 through 3, to ensure continuity in character and plot development. It is slow but rewarding work as I see it taking shape, and I am now two thirds through the book.

Current forecast for publishing is the end of July.


A Guardian Reborn: Update and Cover Reveal

The cover for A Guardian Reborn, the third book in the science fiction / Fantasy series The Guardians, has arrived. I hope you like it as much as I do. Unfortunately, I have not yet finished the final editing and proofing of the book, which seems to have slipped well passed my original intended publication date. I am hoping to finish editing End January / Early February, and allow at least another two weeks for proofreading feedback, with the intent to publish mid to late February.


A Guardian Reborn

Well, it’s been a very busy few months with family and work commitments, so much so, I have fallen behind in my plans to publish this titile. I am busy conducting the final polishing following receipt of the proofread/edited manuscipt. This is taking much longer than planned, partly because of getting ready for Christmas and being more careful and thorough with the final polishing.

I am aiming to publish by December 31st, but this may fall back to the 6th January, which is also dependent on when the cover will be available.

A Guardian Reborn

I have almost finished the revision of A Guardian Reborn, the third book in the Science Fiction / Fantasy series The Guardians. This has taken much longer than anticipated, and I am hoping it will be ready for publishing as an ebook by November 2012

Twitter Access

Saturday 25th August was not a good day for accesing Twitter. For some reason, after 11:00 AM UK time, I was unable to post Tweets or even view Twitter properly.

This has happened again Monday morning (27th August), and is frustrating. Hopefully this issue will be resolved quickly.