The Guardians Book 4; Imperial Assault

A brief update on the position of Imperial Assault

The release of Imperial Assault is getting closer, but I’m afraid it will still require a few more months work before it is ready. Due to personal and family responsibilities in 2013, starting work on the revision and editing of this volume was delayed until this year.

Books four and five, Wizard’s tempest, have had the least amount of work and were only the second drafts. As a result, I am finding many areas require complete re-writing to bring the story in line with changes made to books 1 through 3, to ensure continuity in character and plot development. It is slow but rewarding work as I see it taking shape, and I am now two thirds through the book.

Current forecast for publishing is the end of July.



2012: My first year as an indie author

January 2012 started off reasonably well with some nervous anticipation: My first book, ‘Path to Vengeance’, book 1 in my science fiction/fantasy series ‘The Guardians’ was ready for publishing. All I was waiting for was the cover, which was undergoing some final alterations.

The formatting process was not as difficult as it first appeared. I had seen comments telling of problems and difficulties with eBook formatting, so I was expecting a long and potentially difficult process. However, I downloaded the formatting guide from Smashwords, and viewed the information from Amazon. After comparing the two, I chose to follow the former, and began the process. The one element that took me longer to master was setting up the chapter hyperlinks.

Then around mid January, my cover was finished, and it was time to find out if the formatting of my book was up to scratch. The first stage passed without any auto-vetting errors, but there was still the premium catalogue review to go, which, thankfully, also passed with no issues.

With my first breakthrough achieved, it was time to work on ‘Sorcerer’s Duel’, book 2 in the series ‘The Guardians’. While rewriting and editing this book, I became aware that my first book was not up to scratch, despite the initial advice I was given. So after finishing book 2, which was published in July, I set about re-editing book 1, taking into consideration comments made by some reviewers. A month later, I had made substantial changes, including editing out 20,000 words. I think the process had the desired effect, which was confirmed by a great review by Thatfantasyblog. The re-edited book was formatted and published, and thankfully, without any formatting issues.

I had intended to publish book 3, ‘A Guardian Reborn’, in early December, but the revising and editing of this volume took much longer than expected, mainly because I took extra care and was more thorough with the editing. I believe it was effort worth taking. The book was finally published on March 1st 2013.

2012 was a busy year overall. Being in full time employment limits the amount of time one can indulge in writing, and so juggling my spare time between family life and my various interests was not easy. Naturally, my reading took a back seat as I focussed on revising and editing books 2 and 3, and therefore read only a handful of books. My book collection was still growing faster than I was able to read them. However, the benefit was that my writing and editing skills improved considerably.

My plans for 2013.
The first achievement, as already mentioned in the previous paragraph, was completing and publishing my third book. My plan for the rest of 2013 is to work on books 4 and 5 of ‘The Guardians’ series, as well as revise book 1, and if time permitting, work on some short stories related to the series, and attempt to read a minimum of 26 books.


A Guardian Reborn: Update and Cover Reveal

The cover for A Guardian Reborn, the third book in the science fiction / Fantasy series The Guardians, has arrived. I hope you like it as much as I do. Unfortunately, I have not yet finished the final editing and proofing of the book, which seems to have slipped well passed my original intended publication date. I am hoping to finish editing End January / Early February, and allow at least another two weeks for proofreading feedback, with the intent to publish mid to late February.


Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale / Revised Edition

The Smashwords Summer/Winter sale starts 1st July 2012 and runs to the 31st July 2012.

I will be including my two published books in this sale; Path to Vengeance and Sorcerer’s Duel, priced at $0.00 and $1.49 respectively.

Following feedback from various sources, Path to Vengeance has recently undergone a thorough revision and edit, and as a result is a great improvement on the original release. This has been released as Edition 2. I have also released a revised version of Sorcerer’s Duel after making a few minor edits I felt were required.

The third book in the series ‘A Guardian Reborn’ is taking longer to revise than I anticipated, but I still hope to release this late September/Early October 2012.

Both books are available from Amazon (all sites) Smashwords, Sony, B&N, Kobo, Apple, Diesel, Baker & Taylor & Page Foundry.

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The Guardians’ series update

Path to Vengeance, book 1 of The Guardians series is now available from Diesel and Kobo bookstores. Will soon be available from Sony, Barnes & Noble and Apple.

Sorcerer’s Duel
, book 2 of The Guardians series is being edited and proof read by my editor, and the cover is in the process of being created. Sorcerer’s Duel should be available initially from Amazon and Smashwords mid to late March 2012. Other outlets will follow in due course.