About W.H. Cann

My passion for reading started from a very young age, but my interest in fantasy and science fiction started when I was a ten and my father gave me some Conan books by Robert E. Howard and the series Thongor of Lemuria by Lin Carter, and of course the arrival of Star Wars. I have loved reading ever since. Fantasy is still my favourite genre followed closely by science fiction, but my tastes include adventure, military history both fiction and non-fiction (pre 1850′s), plus a variety of others.

Books by W. H. Cann

Books One, Two and Three in my science fiction/fantasy series, The Guardians, and my short story, Lady Arabella, are available free from Smashwords and other retailers, except Amazon.



Smashwords Ebook Week

Sunday 4th March is the start of:
The Smashwords Ninth Annual Read an Ebook Week.

For the whole week, thousands of self-published books will be available in the sale.

All of my books are included in the sale and will be available at half price.



The Bakarian Rebellion and Others

After a long, cold, wet December troubled by flu, I now have a cover for The Bakarian Rebellion. I have kept it simple, and will, after one more read through, be publishing the book on or near the 2nd February through Smashwords and Amazon.

I am making good progress in the editing and reviewing of the first book in my Fantasy series, The Chronicles of Ferantiana Volume 1, The Sorcerers of Argorilium, despite having focused most of my time on The Bakarian Rebellion, and writing the first draft of Running With the Tiger. How much time I spend on each project depends on the time of day or week (when not in work), whether I have had a mentally demanding day on the computer in work, and how tired or inspired I am.

The Bakarian Rebellion

Having completed the final book in the Science Fiction series ‘The Guardians’ in 2016, and after more than a year’s break from writing, I have turned my attention to the novel I drafted in 2015, ‘The Bakarian Rebellion’. The story is now complete, but requires the designing of a cover.

I am planning to publish this novel as an ebook in December 2017, pending a satisfactory design for the cover.

The Guardians Series

The Guardians Book 1: Path to Vengeance underwent another thorough proofing recently, a process undertaken after discovering Edition 3 that had been uploaded previously was not the final proofed version prepared for publishing. Edition 4 also has a revised cover.

Until further notice, all of my currently published books will be available Free on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple and many other retail sites, but will not be available from Amazon.