Welcome to the domain of W. H. Cann, the home of “The Guardians” and “The Teragon Knights”.

Now all five books in the SciFi/Fantasy series “The Guardians”, have been published as ebooks, it is my intention to commence working on the Fantasy series ‘The Chronicles of Ferantiana’ and a stand alone Science Fiction novel, The Bakarian Rebellion. Unfortunately, I have no timescale for when these books will be available.

My passion for reading started from a very young age, but my interest in fantasy and science fiction started when I was a ten and my father gave me some Conan books by Robert E. Howard and the series Thongor of Lemuria by Lin Carter, and of course the arrival of Star Wars. I have loved reading ever since. Fantasy is still my favourite genre followed closely by science fiction, but my tastes include adventure, military history both fiction and non fiction (pre 1850’s), plus a variety of others. See ‘my library’ for more details (to be created).

My foray into writing did not begin until after I suffered a back injury in 1998, and decided to have a go at writing a story to pass the time away, needless to say I became hooked and the story turned into full length novels. I continued writing when I returned to work, spending a little time each evening. I took a few years break while I immersed myself in genealogy, but finally picked up the pen (and returned to the PC) and resumed my writing in spring 2011.

I am married with two children, both having now left home, my daughter with a family of her own living in Pembrokeshire, my son living and working in Cardiff. I also have two beautiful grandchildren.

I was born in Cardiff and at 16 joined the RAF as an apprentice dual trade aircraft engineer in the trades of Propulsion and Airframes. After graduating, I spent 5 years at RAF Brawdy and came to regard Pembrokeshire as home. A brief return to Cardiff after leaving the RAF, and could not wait to move back to Pembrokeshire. After recovering from a back injury, I entered into the world of finance, and am now employed as a finance officer in local government.

My favourite activities are walking, reading, researching family history, watching classic British Sitcoms, good dramas, and films, and listening to music. When it comes to music, books and DVD’s, you can never have too many!



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