Featured Author of the Week 28th May

Introducing Brooke Morris, Author of “The Pull”.
Goodreads Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Writers and Reviewers Group Featured Author of the Week.

About this Author
What do you get when you combine an introverted kid with an overactive imagination, with a mom who preferred to read Tolkien and Pearl S. Buck, instead of Goodnight Moon? Apparently an avid fantasy reader and writer!

I can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours (who am I kidding?- a few days) than getting lost in a good story. With just the right plot twists and character development, an author can pull you out of one world and into another.

Living in the PNW for the better half of a decade has greatly influenced my writing. The lush beauty of the natural world often provides the backdrop for my fantasy novels. I enjoy examining what it means to be human and playing with the wide array of possibilities this opens up in my writing.

While I would love to eat, drink, and breathe writing I have a little beagle who reminds me about the important things in life…mainly throwing his squeaky tennis ball until my arm falls off. That, and of course the all important food- for anyone who has ever had a four-legged friend of the beagle variety, you know full well how high food ranks in their world. Truthfully, I am pretty sure he would sell me down the river for a mere whiff of peanut butter. But hey, at least I would have a good story of how I came to be homeless and panhandling (my beagle made me do it, I swear!).

Where to find Brooke Morris:
Goodreads Author Profile; Website

Books by Brooke Morris:The Pull by Brooke Morris
The Pull
(Book 1 of the Nademi Series)
Raised in the World of Men, 18 year old Maggie has just discovered that she is a forbidden half-breed, a cross between fairies and demons, that should have been annihilated before she was even born. Journeying into the Old World, she soon learns why her kind are so feared, as she races to save a world she has never known from a long dormant evil that seeks to turn it all to dust and ash.

Maggie never really considered herself different from everybody else…it’s just that she wasn’t really the same either. But the transition between high school and college is awkward for everyone, right? Then again, perhaps if her mom had told Maggie that she is a forbidden half-breed, a cross between demons and fairies, then maybe that would have explained a few things. Like why she can spread her energy into the earth or why her temper is just a little too short…and oh yeah, why she is getting sucked into the Old World while she’s sleeping.

Every night she closes her eyes to her bedroom ceiling only to open them moments later to the sweltering heat and unrelenting glare of the sun that is turning the Old World to ashes. Traveling to this long forgotten world through thought, Maggie is joined by Andrew, an enigmatic demon who struggles with his unrelenting drive to eliminate all of her kind. After all, it was a half-breed, Damien, who murdered his family and turned his world to ashes.

With a tenuous truce, they make their way through the dying landscape to stop Damien from unleashing a long dormant evil that will consume not only this world, but Maggie’s world as well.

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