Sorcerer’s Duel: Bk 2 of The Guardians

Sorcerer’s Duel was published as an eBook on the 25th May 2012. It is currently available from Smashwords and Amazon US & UK plus other EU sites. It will be availableĀ  from other online retail outlets in the near future.


The Guardians Series Update

Sorcerer’s Duel, Book 2
The long process of editing is now complete. It now requires one final proof read and formatting. It will be available on the 26th May 2012 from Amazon and Smashwords in the first instance, providing there are no issues during the uploading and formatting process. Availability from B&N, Diesel and other sites will follow in due course.

Path to Vengeance, Book 1
This is now undergoing a revision and further editing to iron out those few areas that have come to light since publishing. I am hoping this will be ready to re-publish as a Second Edition around the 2nd or 9th June 2012.

A Guardian Reborn, Book 3
I have made a start on revising this volume, and if all goes according to plan, should be available by the end of September 2012.

Book update

I have decided to take a few days break from editing Sorcerer’s Duel, and as a result, the epublishing of this book will be delayed. I now anticipate this to be around the 19th or 26th May.

For the rest of this week, and over the next month, I will be re-editing book 1, Path to Vengeance. I am hoping to epublish Edition 2 of this book around the middle of June.