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Their adventure started a little more than six months ago. Since they posted their first author-requested review on October 1st, they’re going to officially celebrate their six month blogaversary between now and April 1st, which is the first day of the A to Z challenge. They encourage you to come back for that because for 26 days in April they’re going to post writing tips from some of their followers.

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A Soul to Steal
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Force of Habit
by Marian Allen

The Punished
by Peter Meredith

by Zach Fortier

by M. R. Cornelius

Spirits Rising
by Krista D. Ball

Everything I Tell You Is A Lie
by Fingers Murphy

Blood Passage
by Michael J. McCann

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My Way of Writing

From long before I started writing, I knew there were basically two methods of writing stories. The first by planning the story from start to finish, chapter by chapter, and then writing the story by building on those planned stages; the other by taking the idea and writing as the story develops in the mind. There is no correct way, and neither is necessarily better than the other. It is literally down to an individual writer’s preference. Both methods have their pitfalls and both have their benefits  Continue reading

4 Star Review on Path to Vengeance by Jamie Hall

Path to Vengeance (The Guardians) by W H Cann Reviewed

Posted by Jamie Hall on

This book was a rather entertaining read for me. As a lover of almost anything science-fiction I have read any book I can my hands on this genre and while Path to Vengeance may not be a standout classic it is an above average read and well worth a look.

One problem I did have with this book, however, is the opening. The first few scenes of the novel feel rather wooden and lax in any emotion whatsoever. It is until the back story is told that I feel any emotion towards Grogaan. But when the story settles down and finds its pace Grogaan is a very likeable chap. Torn apart by grief and guilt he mourns the deaths that have ripped his life apart and understandably wants to seek his revenge on the raiders responsible.

Outfitting four ships for him and his friends Grogaan gets close to taking his revenge. Then he discovers he is in fact a wizard. Yes you heard me a WIZARD. Now like me you may immediately think of a Jedi and in a manner I guess the Jedi’s may have been the inspiration behind this development.

But after finishing the novel I think it is something different. This is a fantasy novel filled with magic but set in the future. Take any fantasy novel and move it forward a few thousands years and this is it.

Not only does this novel have magic wielding Wizards but there is enough tech in here to make an apple fan boy salivate with jealousy. From laser cannons and light-speed engines this novel has any tech a sci-fi geek like me could want.

The only thing I could want to make this novel that all important five stars is another edit or two. Some paragraphs and even some entire scenes simply aren’t necessary and it would really make the novel much easier to read if they were wiped out or drastically streamlined. Some points of the novel drag on needlessly and the slog of reading it threatened to halt my progress altogether. Soldiering through though and the prize is well worth it. Beneath some points of poorly edited text this novel is a shining gem and it was a real pleasure to read.

I am looking forward to the next novels in the series and I’m confident that the more W H Cann writes about this universe the better and easier it will come to read.

I thank Cann for this novel it was an enjoyable read and I congratulate you on the finished product.

Path to Vengeance: A Review by J Turner

4.0 out of 5 stars a cracking read!,16 Jan 2012 on Amazon.co.uk
This review is from: Path to Vengeance (The Guardians) (Kindle Edition)

It’s not my normal read, but ‘Path to Vengeance’ had me gripped from the start. This sci-fi adventure with a dollop of romance was incredibly well written, with plot arcs coming at regular intervals and well fleshed out characters that lifted off the page. There’s also enough tech – spec to keep any sci fi nerd happy! What I liked best though, was the thrilling adventure that reminded me of the ‘boys own’ type yarns of yore, as perfected by H.Rider Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, placed in a fresh, modern setting and told with verve and aplomb. The only reason I gave it four stars, not five, was because it seems to be part of a trilogy and left me dangling… though not disappointed! The cover art also deserves praise, as it is pretty good – unlike many ebooks, there has obviously been a lot of care taken by the author to present a professional novel. Recommended!