Sorcerer’s Duel Update

Description and part of Chapter 1 added to The Guardians Book Two; Sorcerer’s Duel page. Second revision of manuscript almost completed.


Sorcerer’s Duel Excerpt 1

The Guardians Book Two
Sorcerer’s Duel
W. H. Cann

Chapter One
Mabra System, Fazaal Sector, Gaashox Quadrant

Many Guardians in the Ladorran and Gaashox Quadrants were taught there were two astral realms; the primary realm from where people drew upon the power and manifested it as magic, and the upper realm, which was usually referred to as the dark realm. However, they incorrectly believed that the power emanating from the dark realm was evil in essence, was fed by negative emotions, and was the direct cause for the evil perpetrated by those who willingly utilised its power.

Those who utilised the ‘dark’ magic became known as Megrein Sorcerers, named after the Guardian Denaris Megrein. He was the first to develop teachings based on negative emotions, and their use in increasing strength and power. Continue reading


These are quotes from authors that I particularly like, with thanks to the website and others for collating them.

A writer has to have some kind of compulsive drive to do his work. If you don’t have it, you’d better find another kind of work, because it’s the only compulsion that will drive you through the psychological nightmares of writing. John McPhee

I have never understood why “hard work” is supposed to be pitiable. True, some work is soul destroying when it is done against the grain, but when it is part of “making” how can you grudge it? You get tired, of course, but the struggle, the challenge, the feeling of being extended as you never thought you could be is fulfilling and deeply, deeply satisfying. Rumer Godden

Books aren’t written, they’re rewritten. It is one of the hardest things to accept, esp. after the seventh rewrite. Michael Crichton


Path to Vengeance Excerpt 2

Chapter Two

Mabraant, Mabra System, Fazaal Sector, Gaashox Quadrant

The four engineers ambled across the hangar toward the bays in which their ships were parked, which were looking as if they had just been brought out of the finishing shop. The paintwork shone like polished metal and the silver components glistened under the hangar lights.

As Zaack’s gaze passed over his ship, he noticed something different about them. “Hey Grogaan, when did those markings appear on the tail fins?”

“Yesterday. I thought we needed a personal identity, and as we all admire the eagle for its majestic beauty and skill as a predator, I considered it quite appropriate for our small squadron.”

They were dark blue shields with the head of the Grederant eagle in green at the centre. In its open beak, was a large dark green Kopaz gem, and beneath the eagle’s head a number preceded by the letter K; one on Grogaan’s ship, two on Zaack’s, three on Doraant’s, and four on Eldaan’s. Below the shield, he had painted the word Kopaz. Continue reading